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Who Is Career Coaching For?

Rather than focusing on how you can fit the job or the organisation, Career Coaching helps you find the career that fits you – your curiosities, interests, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Get clear on your strengths, values and goals and establish the foundations of a fulfilling career.

Ambitious Career Oriented People

You may already know what you're good at, and you may be crystal clear about what you want. But you may not know how to achieve it. Career Coaching helps you get clarity and find the success you want.

Graduates & Early Career People

Completing your undergrad or postgrad degree is a big achievement, but what next? Career Coaching helps you find work that not only fits your skillset, but provides the meaning and purpose you're after.

People In Career Transition

Our needs and interests change over time, and sometimes we find that the work we've always done no longer satisfies. This can be a difficult time, but Career Coaching can help you through.

What Is Career Coaching?

Career planning is the conscious or unconscious art of developing and managing your relationship with daily work over your lifetime. Career Coaching helps you get clear on your goals and ambitions and develop a career plan that aligns with your values and strengths.

Career Coaching is one of the most results oriented forms of coaching because, towards a specific end goal, it is designed to help people find fulfilling and meaningful work. It helps people prepare to enter the jobs market knowledgeable, confident, and assured.

Happy Working Person Philosophy of Work

Career Coaching is a professional and confidential partnership relationship between a worker and their coaching psychologist. It is a relationship of challenge and support, conducted regularly over the long-term with the primary aim of helping the individual understand themselves, find work that fulfils, and be as effective as possible in that work.

Larry G. Maguire

Work & Organisational Psychologist

Get Help In The Following Areas

Career Coaching is client-driven and tailored to your specific needs. Areas we would generally focus upon include the following...

Strengths & Abilities

Everyone is good at something, but better still, everyone has strengths and abilities that lie dormant and untapped. Career coaching helps you identify your key strengths and abilities and apply them in the right way.


Understanding yourself, your behaviour, attitudes, beliefs and motivations is key to effective performance in work. Career coaching involves helping you recognise emotional triggers and respond appropriately.


What motivates you to get up in the morning? Career coaching addresses this key question and helps you find the answer through dialogue, assessment, and exploration of intrinsic motivators.

Values & Goals

What are the values by which you live and breath and upon which your life decisions are made? This will be the foundation for your career, personal and life goals. Career coaching starts with who you are and what worldview you hold.

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My Coaching Philosophy

Work should not be a labourious toil. It should be challenging yet engaging and fulfilling. Work must be a place for positive growth and development of the person–this is my simple guiding philosophy on work.  My career coaching approach is person-centred, and blends psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, and positive psychological perspectives. The aim of which is to help you find fulfilment and purpose in work and take up your career with greater effectiveness.

Does Career Coaching Work?

Coaching is often cited as a highly valuable tool for developing people and organisations. The Institute of Coaching reports that over 70% of people receiving coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.*

People who receive coaching report increased levels of self-confidence


Those who receive coaching report improved work performance and relationships.


Companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching for staff.


About Your Career Coach

Larry G. Maguire

MSc. Work & Org Psych., BA (hons) Psych., M.Ps.S.I., M.A.C., R.Q.T.U.

Work & Organisational Psychologist

I'm Larry Maguire, work & organisational psychologist. I rely on my 20+ years in commercial business ownership and academic background in psychology to help you navigate your way out of unhealthy work and towards the work and career you were meant to do. Send me your details below and I'll phone you back within 12 hrs.

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