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I'm Larry Maguire, Dublin based work & organisational psychologist. I work with senior leaders, business executives, career people and business owners to help them find clarity & direction in their work. Get a call back to discuss your needs or find out how Executive Coaching can help you below.

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Who Is Executive Coaching For?

Rather than focusing on the functions and structures of a business; sales, marketing, finance, HR, accounts and so on, Executive Coaching focuses on you, the person. Coaching helps you get clear on your values and goals, and provides the foundation for effective leadership decision-making.

Business Executives

Responsibility for running a national or international organisation is a demanding high-stakes position. Executive Coaching can help you find clarity and direction.

SME Business Owners

Working in isolation as a solo business owner is lonely and challenging. Executive Coaching helps you reach your professional peak and grow your business.

Senior Leaders & Managers

You're on the management ladder and your future is uncertain. Executive Coaching helps you define your career and get clear on your goals.

What Is Executive Coaching?

To lead an organisation effectively, executives and senior leaders must learn to mange themselves in high-stakes situations. Anxiety, frustration, anger, and fear are emotional states that do not allow effective leadership. Executive Coaching helps you develop the psychological skills you need to manage these challenges and succeed.

Maintaining self-confidence and self-assuredness in decision-making without courting complacency, arrogance , and narcissism comes from learning about oneself. Executive Coaching helps you recognise the difference and make the right choices for your organisation.

Executive Coaching is a professional and confidential partnership relationship between a senior executive or business owner and their coach. It is a relationship of challenge and support, conducted regularly over the long-term with the primary aim of helping the executive understand themselves and be as effective as possible in their leadership role.

Larry G. Maguire

Work & Organisational Psychologist

Executives Get Help In The Following Areas

Executive Coaching is client-driven and tailored to your specific needs. Areas we would generally focus upon include the following...


Leadership is an increasingly lonely position, and the higher you climb, the less reliable feedback from colleagues becomes. Your executive coach acts as a trusted advisor – a confidant in times of change and personal challenge.


Understanding yourself, your behaviour, attitudes, beliefs and motivations is key to effective performance in a leadership role. Executive coaching involves helping you recognise emotional triggers and respond appropriately.


What motivates you to do the job you do? Executive coaching addresses this key component for people like you in a leadership role and addresses the conflicts that arise for you in the carrying out of your role.

Values & Goals

What are the values by which you live and breath and upon which your leadership decisions are made? This will be the foundation for your executive career, personal and business goals. Executive coaching starts here.

Larry Maguire delivering a lecture

My Coaching Philosophy

Work should not be a labourious toil. It should be challenging yet engaging and fulfilling. Work must be a place for positive growth and development of the person–this is my simple guiding philosophy on work.  My executive coaching approach is person-centred, and blends psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, and positive psychological perspectives. The aim of which is to help the executive or business leader find fulfilment and purpose in work and take up their role with greater effectiveness.

Does Executive Coaching Work?

Executive Coaching is often cited as a highly valuable tool for developing people and organisations. The Institute of Coaching reports that over 70% of people receiving coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.*

Entrepreneurs who have turned to leadership coaching and have seen long-term results.


Managers who received coach-specific training and can apply in their professional careers.


Clients reporting a marked impact on their career opportunities after undergoing career coaching.


About Your Executive Coach

Larry G. Maguire

MSc. Work & Org Psych., BA (hons) Psych., M.Ps.S.I., M.A.C., R.Q.T.U.

Work & Organisational Psychologist

I'm Larry Maguire, work & organisational psychologist. I rely on my 20+ years in commercial business ownership and academic background in psychology to help business leaders navigate their way through the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment. 

What clients are saying


Chris Carolan

My favourite part about working with Larry is the questions that he asks. He challenged me in ways that no one has previously, simply by asking better questions. Different questions. It definitely helped me grow in the way I manage my internal points of view that are often so critical.

Chris Carolan

Business Owner | Marketing Agency


John O'Flynn

I just wish to say thank you. Your lessons were clear, correct and valuable. They are lessons I will definitely carry forward as I pursue my goals.

John O'Flynn

Dept. Manager Construction


Kristen Barger

Larry was not only greatly supportive on a coaching level, but also provided essential practical advice, insights, and planning tips to help move me forward in my professional and personal life.

Kristen Barger

Freelance Writer

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  • 15 Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland
  • larry@humanperformance.ie
  • 083 801 0707

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