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What Is Peak About?

Peak, is a place where like-minded people help each other to finally direct their own life & work and develop the mental skills necessary for success. Peak is a space for self-motivated people who seek to command their own meaningful and fulfilling work and career. Being a part of Peak, means you decided to work on your own terms.

The primary focus of this community is to assist you to find clarity and direction in your work. There is so much potential for personal growth when we choose to work for ourselves. It is challenging, but for those who take on the pursuit, commanding our own daily work becomes less a conscious choice and more an internal need for self-expression and freedom. Join Peak, and find your people.

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Happy Working Person Philosophy of Work

Our Philosophy on Work

Our guiding philosophy on work is grounded in the idea that work, first and foremost, must be done for its own inherent enjoyment and fulfilment. Without this, our focus will be flawed and our efforts to succeed will be mis-directed. This aligns with Abraham Maslow's concept of "Peak Experience" and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's concept of "Flow." Both theorists recognised that to be creatively successful, human beings must be fully integrated, independent yet interdependent in their work

Who Is Peak For?

Peak is for solo workers, freelancers, consultants, small business owners, and people who aspire to work for themselves. But Peak is not like other communities for the self-employed. Rather than focusing on the functions and structures of a business; sales, marketing, finance, HR, accounts and so on, Peak is focused on aiding the development of the person–the business owner.

Small Business Owners

Running a small business with staff and have aspirations to grow? Or maybe you want the business operate without you sometimes? Peak membership will help you develop the mental skills to allow it happen.

Consultants & Freelancers

Find working in isolation as a solo worker lonely and challenging? Inside Peak, you get to network with fellow solo workers, seek advice, and discover how to reach your peak and grow your business.

Aspiring Business Owners

Currently working for someone else and have aspirations to finally command your own working life? Peak is the place to start. Learning how to command our own work is what Peak is all about.

A Quick Look Inside Peak

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Peak is a private ring-fenced community with no ads, trackers, or trolls!

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Join Peak and Improve Your Mental Game

The Peak community is focused on development of the person - the business owner. If you are looking for an edge in business and the benefits of a supportive community, then Peak is a good start for you. Join Peak today.

The Benefits of Membership

Inside the Peak community, we're building out new features every month to help you improve your mental game and command your own work.  Here's some of what's on offer


It's lonely working for oneself. Inside Peak, you'll enjoy the security of a ring-fenced community of fellow solo workers.


Making business decisions is very tricky on our own. Sometimes you just need a sounding board. That's what Peak offers.


There are members of Peak who have multiple decades of business experience. Sound advice is only a DM away.


Inside Peak, you'll find resources and tools to help you improve your mental game, and every month we're adding new ones.


There are members of Peak who are professional coaches and psychologists. You can reach out for direct coaching at any time.


Weekly, you can get on a group coaching call with fellow business owners and have your most burning questions answered.

What People Are Saying...

"...I also believe it requires constant vigilance and dedication. I believe it is the foundation of everything. Everything begins first in our mind, first as a thought… Thanks for creating this community! I am Grateful"

Bobby Kountz | Author & Writer

"Congratulations on what looks to be a very useful site for diverse material on the mind game in sports and in business"

Jim Dixon | Mental Game Trainer

"This is so great- love what you're up to here and how you describe it. Good luck with this! Can't wait to see how you progress!"

Sarah Brabbs | Speaker, Author, Coach

I'm Larry Maguire

Performance Psychologist & Writer

I'm Larry Maguire, performance psychologist and writer. In my professional work, I coach people in career transition, sports people, the self-employed and business owners to find clarity and direction in their life & work. I created Peak to be a place that promotes and facilitates positive personal change in our relationship with our daily work. Read my bio

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